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Rosa Martin; Consultant. Devon

The best body practitioner I’ve ever had. I didn’t realise what shiatsu could do for my wellbeing until I met Luce. Now I go every month without fail and leave feeling revived. I trust them implicitly.

Raphy Mendoza; Freelance artist & designer. Stroud

I have had a number of treatments from Lucie, each of which were quite different and astutely tuned to what my body and energy required. Lucie has a way of creating a space in which you’re both able to dance with everything that shows up in the body and emotionally, building a relationship with it so that a letting go may happen. Each time, I have completed the session feeling whole. There may be a myriad of intense, joyful or uncomfortable sensations/emotions, but I always feel whole and intact and held.


Lucie gave me my first shiatsu healing last year, focusing on hip and leg pain. I instantly felt at ease and comfortable in their kind and gentle presence and space which enabled a deeply nourishing and releasing healing. Lucie’s shiatsu has been the most physically healing that I’ve received and I’m very greatful to say, that with some maintenance of care, the effects are lasting. Thank you Lucie!

Myrtle Cooper; forager & educator. Devon

I had an online shiatsu with Lucie recently. Not having received it in this way previously, I didn’t know how it would translate to the virtual realm. While the experience was really different to a hands on session, I was truly impressed by how Lucie held the process, and how safe, immersive and nourishing it felt. Lucie sensitively guided me through a process of supporting me energetically and physically, was patient and clear in explaining how to work on myself, leaving me feeling calm and grounded. I have been so missing receiving the huge benefits of shiatsu in this time, and was grateful for Lucie’s dedication to adapt the work in this way. I’d highly recommend exploring this way of receiving Shiatsu. Thank you for virtual magic hands

Lucy Be; Potter. Devon

I had shiatsu from Lucie during an emotionally challenging time. I was treated with warmth, intuition and felt deeply cared for. I left feeling fully nourished and look forward to many more sessions. Highly, highly recommend.

D. Asante, London

“I’d had a shiatsu many years ago and though I didn’t enjoy the experience with that practitioner I decided to try again after Lucie was strongly recommended by a colleague. Lucie has magic hands and a generosity of spirit which makes you feel genuinely held during the experience and I use the word experience rather than massage because for me that’s what it was and has been since. On a physical level after a session I’ve felt both energised and calm in a way that has felt grounded/earthed. On an emotional level I have been able to release emotions that have been blocked for years and feeling totally safe and not judged in the process. Lucie has a huge capacity to simply be there for you, it’s a rare thing indeed. Thank you Lucie ever grateful.”

M. Hambly Dickson; Actor. Cornwall

“Lucie treated me when I was going through a very difficult time physically and emotionally and enabled me to be freer in mind and body. The difference it made to my life was incredible. I can’t ever thank her enough.”

David Norris; Transformational workshop facilitator. Germany

“I’ve had the benefit of Shiatsu treatments with Lucie on several occasions, usually soon after getting off an airplane. Lucie has a wonderful ability to speak to the body through her hands in such a way that the body feels safe to almost immediately release whatever it was holding and come into balance. Over the years I’ve experienced many different kinds of body work offered by many different practitioners. Lucie is one of the best.”

E.Cunis; Devon

Lucie designed her shiatsu treatments to suit how I was feeling each time I saw her – sometimes firm, sometimes gentle. But always nourishing and a powerful transformational experience.

A.Butler; NHS health assistant. Cornwall

The effects of Lucie’s keen intuition and warm spritely charm continue to impact my daily life. And it becomes more moving for me as time passes and the seeds that were planted all those years ago begin to sprout and bud. Over seven years ago I was embroiled in a not uncommon tangle of anxiety and stress and negative habit patterns. With Shiatsu and macrobiotics very much in her heart Lucie made gentle suggestions and pursued a line of mind/bodywork that aided my body to start the process of rebooting. A huge amount of love and gratitude to Lucie, as always.

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